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The Benefits of Plain Carbon Steel in Industrial Applications

Why is ordinary carbon steel the preferred material for several industrial uses?

Plain Carbon Steel is essential to many industries because it is a symbol of strength and adaptability.

Carbon steel is the most frequently used type of steel in the world. It defines steel that contains less than 2% carbon mixed with iron. The strength and hardness of the steel increase with the amount of carbon. Higher carbon also means reduced ductility and more difficult weldability and machinability. Numerous advantages make this simple yet powerful alloy the perfect choice for various applications. Chenab Engineering Works produces high-quality products that satisfy the needs of modern industry by utilizing the unique attributes of plain carbon steel. 

Types of Carbon Steel:

Carbon Steel is categorized into three main types based on its carbon content.

Low Carbon Steel:

Low-carbon steel, commonly known as Mild Steel is by far the most common type of Steel. Low-carbon steel contains up to 0.3% carbon. Its low tensile strength and high ductility define it.

Medium Carbon Steel:

Medium carbon steel has 0.30 to 0.50% carbon and 0.60 to 1.65% manganese, which raises the hardness and tensile strength of the steel. Therefore it is comparatively more difficult to weld, cut, and shape. In addition, its ductility is lower than that of low carbon steel. 

High Carbon Steel:

High-carbon steel is also known as Carbon Tool Steel. High-carbon steel has 0.60 to 1.00% carbon and 0.30 to 0.90% manganese. It is challenging to cut and weld because it is hard and brittle. 

The Benefits of Plain Carbon Steel in Industrial Applications


Application of Carbon Steel:

Carbon steel has a wide range of applications. It is common in various industries, including the building, defense, and infrastructure industries.

Low carbon or mild steel is often used as structural beams, railroad tracks, vehicle frames, chains, rivets, metal sheets, boxes, pipes, wires, cases, gears, etc.

Medium carbon steel can be found in structures like bridges, houses, buildings skyscrapers, etc. 

High carbon steel is used in tough materials like brick nails, trencher blades, high-strength wires, springs, and edged tools like kitchen knives.


Pros & Cons of Carbon Steel:

The majority of steel types available and produced in the global market today are carbon steel. Similar to all other types of steel carbon steel has distinct qualities, benefits, and drawbacks. 

Carbon Steel Advantages:

  • Strong and highly durable
  • Higher Strength
  • Corrosion Resistant Properties
  • High and low-temperature-resistant
  • It exists in a large variety of types
  • Environment Friendly and recyclable
  • Low maintenance and easily cleaned


Carbon Steel Disadvantages

  • High cost, especially at the initial expense
  • Difficult to bend and mold into diverse shapes
  • More prone to rust and Corrosion than other steel types
  • It can often result in costly waste and rework
  • It can be tough to work with, especially without the most advanced machinery and methods.



The Future of Plain Carbon Steel in Industry

The need for reliable, economical materials like plain carbon steel will not go away as long as industries keep progressing. Plain carbon steel has the potential to maintain its vital role in the advancement of the industry due to continued advancements and enhancements in processing and application.

Chenab Engineering Works, for all its might, works with plain carbon steel at its best. Chenab’s focus is to provide the best quality goods thereby helping enhance the growth and development of customers in greater industrial domains and to accomplish this purpose we consider sustainability, innovation & quality as our necessities.


A versatile, strong, and cost-effective material, plain carbon steel plays a significant role in industrial applications. These properties are used by Chenab Engineering Works to produce high-quality and reliable products that cater to the varying needs of the industrial sector. Thus, Chenab guarantees that its plain carbon steel product remains a pioneer in the realm of industrial innovation by keeping up with technological advancements and maintaining sustainability in its course.