Design & Development

Cleaning and finishing operations in foundries have become more and more complex due to the increasing variety of impurities. Because of this, greater emphasis is now being placed in the field of metal cleaning and finishing. A wide range of machines and equipment have been developed that make the process of metal cleaning and finishing easier. The various types of equipment used for cleaning and finishing of metals in foundries serve different purposes, such as cutting, buffing, sealing, grinding, blast cleaning, vibratory cleaning, abrasion, and more.

R & D

The use of scientific techniques, quality control, and ongoing research have always given the highest priority. We have heavily invested in simulation & designing software which has enabled us to achieve a very high-speed study on the provided drawing of casting. The application of solid simulation helps us to avoid possible failure in the casting parts. Other facilities include sand testing labs, Metal testing labs and Mechanical test lab. Innovative work atthese facilities has resulted in a new product development and significant indigenization. In addition, we are involved in research with various international institutes and national academia to enhance our performance in more sustainable environment.


We help with the overall planning of a
project from start to finish.


Due to improved equipment, the process of cleaning and finishing of castings has become much easier and simpler. Separating castings from sand moulds is now easier and this results in superior quality castings and increased productivity. Shakeout processes comprise separation of moulds and sand from flasks, castings from sand, cores from castings, and even shot from shot blasted castings.